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Booked a Co-Star on BOSCH: LEGACY (Amazon Studios)

"Jakku: First Wave" has over 400,000 views! Watch it by clicking the Video tab above!

"Doxxed" with Patrick Fabian and Jerrika Hinton is making waves in the festival circuit! 

Theatrical Reel

Tyler Wolfe is a California-born actor who began his career at the University of Michigan, where he was involved with his first student film. In Los Angeles, Tyler has studied at several acting schools and credits his success to his amazing teachers including Colleen Foy, Gary Imhoff, Lindsay Frame, Anthony Meindl, Jeffery Brooks, Ken Garcia, and Cindy Hogan.


"Jakku: First Wave"
"Code Black" on CBS
Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 12.37.08 PM 2.
"Jia Ting" (Family)
"Jack the Reaper"
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